Vickis Polka Ukulele Chords by The Dreadnoughts

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Vickis Polka Ukulele Chords by The Dreadnoughts.

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  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: G, Em, Am, D, C, Abm
  • Capo: 3rd fret
[Verse 1]
At the Raceway Park in Toledo
       G           Em
In the summer of '74
      Am                       D
Billy K. said I didn't have it in me
     D                        G
So I marched right across the floor
D       G
And the band played "Who Stole the Keeshka?"
         G                  C*
And your emerald eyes shone bright
           C                 C G
And with a wink to Billy K., I turned to you to say
    G            D       G
Hey Vicki, let's polka tonight!
[Verse 2]
Do you remember the Brighton Beach hotdogs?
       G                         Em
Do you remember the Rhode Island Reds?
  Am                  D
Remember the night at Kochanski's
          D                             G
When they put that golden crown on your head?
D      G
We saw Frankie in old Cincinnati
     G                    C*
Underneath those big blue lights
              C                        C   G
And when your skies were turning grey, I'd turn to you to say
    G            D       G
Hey Vicki, let's polka tonight
[Verse 3]
D       G
And the years rolled on so sweetly
        G               Em
But the music around us changed
             Am                     D
And when our kids felt lonesome and empty
                D                  G
We said "You've only that music to blame"
We knew that fashions rise and fall, dear
    G                C*
But polka will never die
         C                        C         G
And soon enough they surely knew, they'd be standing before you
       G            D       G
Saying Vicki, let's polka tonight
[Verse 4]
Then came the year of our Lord, 2020
          G                       Em
We didn't know it would happen so soon
              Am             D
They wouldn't let me say goodbye to you
              D                    G
They wouldn't even let me into the room
    D      G
And now my days are finally over
        G                        C*
And I'm heading for those pearly lights
              Am                  Am     G               Abm
I'll know I'm in the proper place when I see your pretty face
    C            D     G
Hey Vicki, let's polka tonight

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