Valentine Ukulele Chords by Laufey

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  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: C, G, Em, Dm, A, Am, F
  • Capo: 3rd fret
[Verse 1]
     C        G
I've rejected affection
    C         G
For years and years
     C           Em
Now I have it and damn it
     Dm      G
It's kind of weird
   Em           A
He tells me I'm pretty
           Dm       Am
Don't know how to respond
  Dm                 Dm
I tell him that he's pretty too
    G                 G
Can I say that? Don't have a clue
     C             G
With every passing moment
   C         G
I surprise myself
I'm scared of flies
I'm scared of guys
F              G
Someone please help
       Em           A
'Cause I think I've fallen
Dm           A
In love this time
  Dm          Em               G     C
I blinked and suddenly I had a Valentine
A Dm A Dm
A Dm A Dm
Dm               Dm   G     G
What if he's the last one I kiss?
Dm               Dm         G       G
What if he's the only one I'll ever miss?
Em             Em       A           A
Maybe I should run, I'm only twenty-one
Dm           Dm         C         C
I don't even know who I want to become
[Verse 2]
     C        G             C         G
I've lost all control of my heartbeat now
    Em          A            Dm   G
Got caught in a romance with him somehow
  Em           A             Dm    A
I still feel a shock through every bone
Dm              Dm
When I hear an, "I love you"
       G            G
'Cause now I've got someone to lose
[Verse 3]
C          G          C       G
The first one to ever like me back
    Em      Em          A     A
I'm seconds away from a heart attack
Dm                 Dm      Dm        Dm
How the hell did I fall in love this time?
    Em          Em              A               A
And honestly, I can't believe I get to call you mine
  Dm          Em
I blinked and suddenly
  Em    C
I had a Valentine

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