Recruited Collier Ukulele Chords by Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts

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  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: D, A7sus4, A, A7, Bm, G, Dsus4
  • Key: D
  • Capo: no capo
[Verse 1]
 D          A7sus4       A       A7        Bm            G      A
"What's the matter with you, me lass, and where's your dashing Jimmy?"
         D                 A              Dsus4        A7sus4 D
"Them soldier boys have picked him up and taken him far from me.
       D              A7            Bm      G       A
Last pay-day he went into town and them redcoated fellows,
   D      A7sus4    A        A7              Bm         A        D
Enticed him in and made him drunk, and he'd better gone to the gallows.
[Verse 2]
     D   A7sus4    A    A7         Bm      G    A
The very sight of his cockade, it sets us all a-cryin,
    D              A                Dsus4       A7sus4 D
And me, I nearly fainted twice - I thought that I was dyin'.
   D                 A7                    Bm            G      A
Me father said he'd pay the smart and he'd run for the Golden Guinea,
      D       A7sus4      A         A7       Bm          A         D
But sergeant swore he'd kissed the book, so now they've got young Jimmy.
[Verse 3]
      D    A7sus4  A        A7         Bm         G        A
When Jimmy talks about the wars, it's worse than death to hear him.
   D               A                Dsus4         A7sus4 D
I must go out and hide me tears, because I cannot bear him.
    D               A7         Bm           G       A
A Brigadier or a Grenadier he says they're sure to make him,
    D      A7sus4     A         A7       Bm       A     D
So now he jibes and cracks his jokes and bids me not forsake him.
[Verse 4]
   D        A7sus4      A      A7      Bm          G        A
As I walked o'er yon stubbled field - below where runs the seam,
    D              A               Dsus4   A7sus4 D
I think on Jimmy hewing there, but it was all a dream.
    D              A7                Bm        G         A
He hewed the very coils we burn, so when this fire I'm leetin',
     D        A7sus4   A       A7         Bm      A       D
To think the lumps was in his hands - it sets me heart a-beating'
    D                  A                  Bm       G          A
So break me heart and then it's o'er, oh break me heart, me dearie,
   D              A                    Bm     A        D
As I lie in this cold, cold bed, of a single life I'm weary

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