Paris Blues Ukulele Chords by The Doors

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Paris Blues Chords by The Doors.

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Song Info

  • Song: Paris Blues
  • Artist: The Doors
  • Released Date: 17 November 2022

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: D7, G7, A7
  • Key: Bbm
  • Capo:
Ukulele Chords
D7 – 2223
G7 – 0212
A7 – 0100
D7 G7 D7 A7 G7 A7 D7 A7 [Verse]
D7 G7 D7 Well I wish I was girl of sixteen D7 Be the queen of a magazine G7 D7 I'd drive around in a great big car A7 G7 I'd see the world as a great big dream D7 G7 And all night long you
D7 A7
could hear me scream
A7 Hear me scream [Solo]
D7 G7 D7 A7 G7 A7 D7 A7 [Verse]
D7 When you look around G7 When you look all around you Can you believe the
D7 A7
shape she's in?
G7 Look all around you A7 Can you believe the shape
D7 A7
she's in?
D7 G7 D7 A7 G7 A7 D7 A7 [Verse]
D7 Know where I'm goin' D7 Can't remember where

I've been

G7 Know right where

I'm goin'

But I can't remember where
I've been
A7 Goin' to the city of love G7 A7 D7 Gonna start my life over again,
G7 D7 A7 D7
D7 G7 D7 A7 G7 D7 A7 [Verse]
D7 Once I was young, now

I'm gettin' old

Once I was warm, babe,
G7 D7
now I feel cold
A7 G7 Well, I'm goin' overseas N.C. D7 Gonna grab me some of that gold

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