Oops I Farted Again Chords Easy – Britney Spears

Oops I Farted Again Chords
Oops I Farted Again Chords

In this post we are going to share Oops I Farted Again Chords sung by Britney Spears.

Oops I Farted Again Chords

Capo On 4th Fret

Scale – Am

Chords – Am, E, F

Oops, I farted again

Am             – – – –    – Am

    (farting) Oh no !          Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah !

    Am              E           Am      E                   F                            E

1.       I think I farted again, I made people leave, offended my fans.

                  Am       E           Am   E             F                           E

    Oh baby, I just gave it a push, I didn’t know it was that serious,

                    F                       E                    F                           G

    I could knock down wild horses, that smell’s so fragrant to me.


    Oh, baby, baby,

 Am             E                    Am     G                  C

Oops, I’m breaking some wind, I ripped a big fart,

   G              C               E

I feel so ashamed, oh, baby, baby !

   Am                E             Am         G                C

Please, don’t think I’m a hog, I swear it’s the dog,

        E                           – Am

I’ve got that flatulence.          Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah !

F                                                                                                     G

“Britney- before you go on stage there’s somthing I want you to have.”

                              – Am

“Oh, it’s beautiful !          But wait a minute, isn’t this…?”

                    G                                                  F

“Yes. Yes it is. Gas-x-n-vino. I went to the pharmacy to get it for you.”

                   G                                                           – Am

“Oh, you shouldnt have !” “I had no choice, baby !”

  Am      E          Am             G                    C

Oops, I farted again, my cheeks ripped apart,

             G               C              E

there’s no-one to blame, oh, baby, baby !

 Am                     E               Am       G              C

Oops, there’s a sulpherious gas escaping my ass,


I’ve got that flatulence.      +  (Loud farting noise)   +  Oops !

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