Ocean Ukulele Chords – Anuv Jain


                     C                     Em
Girl, you’re just like that pretty house
With wooden beams,
you’re facing south
You are my shelter,
       Em                 F         G
you are my little home
Your walls are painted
pink and green
F                        G
With a hint of tangerine
   C    Em                           F            G
I see         a crack in the window

F                   G
I’m waking up to hold you
Your blemishes,
               Fadd9                      G
all your tragedies are mine

C                            Em
‘Cause your life is the ocean
                 F               C
And your heart is a wave
            C                 Em
Like a dog in the sun
   F                                         C
I found my peace in your storm
         C           Em
As I  sail for days
            F                C
I keep drowning away
                    C          Em
Would my sailors forgive me
       F                  G        F
For feeling this way?

     Dm                    C
As days turn into years
        Em                    Am
Got more than I deserved
              Fsus2                 C
There’s so much left to learn
                                            G     F
As I flip through your pages
     Dm                            C
As sweet as crème brûlée
           Em                        Am
These memories we’ve made
         Fsus2                    C
Now let me take your hand
And offer a lifetime

‘Cause, darling,

all these years have goneF                                C
Just as the tree we sat upon
C                   Em
So afraid to fall,

the way we laughedG
We made it through
My sailors,

they have come ’round          F
Their ballads bring

a different sound   C                      Em
I guess they all have drowned

in love with you                            G
The way I have too

                     C                 Em
‘Cause your life is the ocean
                  F                             C
And your heart the biggest wave
            C                Em
Like a dog in the sun
   F                                         C
I found my peace in your storm
        C           Em
As I sail for days
I keep on drowning,

drowning away             C                           Em
Would the gods forgive me
       F                   G        C
For feeling this way?


Anuv Jain Ocean Ukulele Chords
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