Irony Ukulele chords by Lizz Robinett

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Irony Ukulele by Lizz Robinett.

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Song Info

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: Bm7, G, Ausu4, D, A, Bm, Emdd9, F#m7, A#din, Cm7, Ab,Bbsus4, Eb
  • Key:
  • Capo: no capo
[Verse 1]
               Bm7                       G
I feel that walking has become another chore
              Asus4                  D
I don't think I can go on walking anymore
           Bm7                                     G
Forgive me for those words  I know they're but a cliche to you
              Asus4                     D
But life is tiring  my feet are feeling sore
            Bm7                    G
I wish that I could have a bit of time
            Asus4                                D
To heal the ache that's growing stronger all the time
             Bm7                   G                     Asus4            
But I know time stops for nobody  let alone me  and so I go
       Bm7      G       Asus4 D     Bm7   G    Asus4  Bm7 G Asus4 D Bm7 G Asus4 A
Inevitably... yeah... yeah  yeah  yeah  yeah yeah yeahhhhhh
[Verse 2]
         Bm7                          G
Whenever things are going rather happily
             Asus4                           Bm
It turns out life is just playing a trick on me
              Bm7                            G
It's slightly shameful to admit the truth  I end up in tears
         Asus4                      D
And so returns the same old melancholy
            Bm7                      G
I miss when life was just simplicity
           Asus4                       Bm
And misery wasn't always chasing after me
            Bm7                        G
It's pretty obvious now  I should have left my regret
           Asus4              D
But I held onto it  so foolishly
[Pre-Chorus 1]
Maybe I overreact a bit
It hasn't destroyed me yet  has it?
        D                           D
But everything I desire is always just too far to get
    F#m7                     F#m7
Honestly  It's just me  brainlessly  so silly
        Bm7                   Em
Always hoping for good to be
     Em                   F#m7          
If that's the case then just hear my plea
         G                    F#7
Pick me up and drop me into unfaltering sleep
[Chorus 1]
           Bm7               G
You say to look hard for a solution
             Asus4              D
But wouldn't that depend on the person?
           Bm7               G
So I could never  no I could never
          Asus4       D
Believe a word anyone says
            Bm7                G
I know that everyone has their hardships
            Asus4                D
It's fairly clear to me that I'm not alone
           Bm7                   G
But how is it that they can just leave them?
       Asus4             D        Bm7 G Asus4 D Bm7 G Asus4 A
I just don't know at all
[Verse 3]
  Bm7                    G
Often I'm told I need to clean up my act
  Asus4              Bm
Although maturity is something I lack
    Bm7                         G
And so  when some simple little problems arise
      Asus4                D
I overthink them  over and over again
   Bm7 N.C.                       G
It seems that the world is just a troublesome place
   Asus4                           Bm
so sometimes I think that I should just end the pain
"You're sick  aren't you dear?"
"I'm sick of the tears"
    Asus4                 D
Why can't everything just end simply?
[Pre-Chorus 2]
Everything I aspire to be
Is nothing that will become of me
   D                                         D
If my expectations are too far-fetched  then just what am I to do?
       F#m7                    F#m7
Give a sign  give a sign  a reason not to die
        Bm7            Bm7             Em
Give me a chance to prove my worth
       Em           F#m7   
I constantly search for a place to cry
     G            G                 F#7
Why won't these tears just stop pouring from my eyes?
[Chorus 2]
              Bm7                G
It's hard to constantly think of the same things
            Asus4        D
It's just unnecessary to think too much
           Bm7                       G
You always told me stars would guide me back home
              Asus4        D
Although they only show at night
           Bm7               G
You always showed me so much kindness
          Asus4                   D
I don't deserve it  I have failed you too much
           Bm7             G
I think my tiny heart is going to split
     Asus4            D      Bm7 G Asus4 D Bm7 G Asus4 D Bm7 G Asus4 D Bm7 G Asus4 A
Just leave it be  for now...
     Bm7            G
Step back from me...
        Asus4         F#m7
Please  leave me be...
          G                   Asus4
This so-decietful road that I stumble on
   A#dim          Bm7
Is never going to end
[Verse 4]
             Cm7            Ab
It's getting difficult to manuever
              Bbsus4               Eb
And it's just worthless to try and run away
             Cm7                Ab
So I'll just hold my hands over my ears
    Bbsus4             Eb
And block out all this noise
          Cm7                   Ab
How can I live not knowing what life is?
             Bbsus4                 Eb
Sometimes my dreams seem to be more realistic
       Cm7                  Ab
Obviously I can't be called "happy"
          Bbsus4      Eb
Then what am I  after all?
Cm7  Ab  Bbsus4  Eb  Cm7  Ab  Bbsus4  Eb

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