If I Can Dream Chords – Elvis Presley | Easy Guitar Chords

If I Can Dream Chords – Elvis Presley

If I Can Dream Chords is a song made famous by Elvis Presley, If I Can Dream Lyrics With Chords. If I Can Dream Guitar Chords. Written by Walter Earl Brown for the singer and notable for its similarities with Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.

If I Can Dream Guitar Chords Easy


There must be lights burning
Am          F                  G7
brighter somewhere

Got to be birds flying
Am              Dm          G7
higher in a sky more blue

              C                  C7
If I can dream of a better land

Where all my brothers
         E7          Am
walk hand in hand

              C             Am
Tell me why, oh why, oh
F      Dm7             C   
why can’t my dream

         Am   Dm7          G7
come   true, Oh Why.

There must be peace and
            Am          F                 G7
under standing some-time

Strong winds of promise
that will blow away

             Dm7           G7
All the doubt and fear

G7        C                   C7
If I can dream of a warmer sun

Where hope keeps shining on
E7      Am

              C             Am
Tell me why, oh why,
     F                          C    G7  C      F C C7
oh why won’t that sun ap-pear

F                         F#dim
We’re lost in a cloud

C                         C7
With too much rain

F                                F#dim
We’re trapped in a world

C                                   C7
That’s troubled with pain

F                          F#dim
But as long as a man

               C             E7  Am
Has the strength to  dream

He can redeem his soul
G7     A
And fly (He can fly)

Deep in my heart there’s
    Bm            G              A7
A trembling question

Still I am sure that the
Bm                    Em              A7
answer gonna come some-how

Out there in the dark,
          G         G#dim 
there’s a beckoning candle

And while I can think,
while I can talk

While I can stand,
while I can walk

While I can dream,
please let my dream

            A                D     Bm
Come true, right now

                                       D      Bm
Let it come true right now


Chords Of If I Can Dream
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