Hairspray – Big Blonde And Beautiful Ukulele Chords by Queen Latifah

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Hairspray – Big Blonde And Beautiful Ukulele Chords by Queen Latifah.

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Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords: E7, C7, C#m7, Em7, A, A#dim, B, C, F#7, B7, A7, G#7, C#m, C#7, C7sus4, F7, Dm7, Bdim, C#, G7, A#7, Dm, Bb, Bb7, Gm, F, D#7
  • Capo: no capo

Song Info

Bring on that pecan pie
C7                            C#m7     Em7
Pour some sugar on it, sugar, don't be shy
A             A#dim        B   C    C#m7
Scoop me up a mess of that chocolate swirl
F#7                      B7
Don't be stingy, I'm a growing girl
I offer big love with no apology
C7                            C#m7    Em7
How can I deny the world the most of me?
A             A#dim        B   C    C#m7
I am not afraid to throw my weight around
F#7               B7
Pound by pound by pound
            A7                 E7
Because I'm big, blonde, and beautiful
            A7                  E7
Face the fact that's simply inrafutable
           G#7                  C#m       C#m7
No-one wants a meal that only offers the least
A C#7  F#7                  B7  
When girl we're servin' up the 
E7 C7sus4 C7
whole damn feast
F7 Slice me off a piece of that

hog head cheese

C#7 Dm7 Fm7 Then take a look inside my book of recipes A# Bdim C C# Dm7 Now, don't you sniff around for something

fluffy and light

G7 We need a man who brings a
man-size appetite
F7 I'll use a pinch of sugar and a

dash of spice

C#7 Dm7 I'll let ya lick the spoon because it
tastes so nice
A# Bdim C C# We'll keep it in the oven 'til it's
good and hot
G7 C7 Keep on stirring 'til it hits the spot A#7 Because I'm big, blonde,
and beautiful
A#7 F7 There is nothin 'bout us that's unsuitable A7 Why sit in the bleachers,
Dm Dm7
timid and afraid?
A# D7 G7 C7 F7 When Edna, you look like the whole parade! Bb Bb7 They say that white has might and thin is in Gm Well that's just bull' 'cause ladies,
F F7
big is back
D#7 D7 And as for black, it's beautiful! G7 Bb G7 All shapes and sizes follow me C Who wants a twig when you can
climb the whole tree?

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