Father And Son Chords – Cat Stevens


           G                            D
I was once like you are now

           C                              Am7
And I know that it’s not easy

           G                               Em
To be calm when you’ve found

                                Am Am7 D
Something going on

                         G                      D
But take your time, think a lot

                          C                             Am7
Why, think of everything you’ve got

                       G                            Em 
For you will still be here tomorrow

                 D                     G     C/G
But your dreams may not

                 G               Bm
How can I try to explain?

‘Cause when I do,
he turns away again

       G                          Em
It’s always been the same

                  Am7   D
Same old story

                 G                            Bm
From the moment I could talk

           C                 Am7
I was ordered to listen

                          G               Em
Now there’s a way and I know

            D           G
That I have to go away

   D          C            G   C/G
I know I have to go

              G                         D
It’s not time to make a change

              C                      Am7
Just sit down, take it slowly

You’re still young,
that’s your fault

There’s so much
you have to go through

            G                 D
Find a girl, settle down

           C                        Am7
If you want, you can marry

Look at me

         Em                Am      Am7 D
I am old, but I’m happy

             G                        Bm
All the times that I’ve cried

Keeping all the things
I knew inside

It’s hard,
             Em              Am        Am7 D
but it’s harder to ignore it

                      G                Bm
If they were right, I’d agree

              C                                   Am7
But it’s them they know, not me

                          G               Em
Now there’s a way and I know

            D           G            D
That I have to go away

   D          C           G
I know I have to go


Chords Of Father And Son
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