Best Rap Radio Stations (US/International)

With the advent of the MTv culture and the rise of the hip-hop genre, rap got a separate fan base and people were just going gaga over it. Though rap had its roots based centuries ago, little did people know then that it would be an astounding musical genre. And now, with our Rap God and the millions of other rappers who have defined this category with their own style and story, rap is something that the entire world is crazy about. Therefore, that is why here we present before you the best rap radio stations of US that you can listen to and have access to from any part of the world. So, tune into your favourite rap radio station and enjoy the emceeing and those dope beats!
The best US Rap radio stations are being listed here so that you can always listen to your favourite rap-star anywhere and anytime you want. In that way you will always be updated about what Hollywood is up to and what new is cooking up with our beloved rappers like Travis Scott, Cardi B, Eminem, Snoop Dog, 50 Cents- and ooooh! this list is simply inexhaustive. So start checking out the best rap radio channel of US immediately!

Rap Radio Stations

Power 105.1 FM

This is a channel which you can stream online at or locally if you are strolling down the streets of New York. Owned by the iHeart Media group, this is a station that is just always fun and happening.

Hot 97- WQHT FM

Another entertaining channel with loads of partying raps that makes it the trendsetter actually makes it claim that it is undoubtedly America’s first hip-hop and rap radio station. Hot 97 FM can be heard both online and locally and you will fall in love with it, once you tune into this station.

V-103 The People’s Station

A CBS and Audacy owned channel, this is an offbeat radio station where you can not just listen to some quality rap number and hip-hop tracks, but also, some discussions regarding the various topics of hip-hop and rap.

Wild 94.9 FM

A station born in California, you can listen to this channel either from the iHeart app or online by logging into A station that plays remarkable hits, you can just keep on listening to it all throughout the entire day.


This is an old German radio station but has its regional headquarters in New York as well. This is a very unique channel since it will play to you the oldie goldie rap numbers that will always remain very close to our hearts. You can access this station via the app.

One love hip hop radio

This is an online radio channel that you can listen to at your leisure and pleasure and you will find it at This is a station where you will find a variety of hip hop and rap hits composed by the old and the new generation rappers.

Hot 96.3 FM

An Indianapolis station that you can reach locally or online, this station is filled with frolicky stuff like superhit musical tracks, live shows that talk about rap and you will get the latest news about music and concerts and events related to it from here.


A channel under the iHeart Media franchise, this channel from Memphis is literally all about raps, hip-hops, contemporary chartbusters and of course the beloved old blues. The station airs shows on various music related information and you can also be a proud member of the KJams by simply logging into their station from Google.

Cadillacc Music

One of the best online radio channels that play some exuberant RnB, Old hip-hop and rap numbers, this FM station is not just fine and excellent but also it proudly flaunts Snoop Dogg in the channel that is bound to make you run around and scream in glee. Tune into in order to listen to this mesmerizing station.


This online radio channel is all you need to go to. If your heart yearns for some lovely obscure rap and underground tracks which do not appear mainstream, then this is the station that you have been looking for. They judge quality and not the commercial aspects, so you will find a lot of hidden gems in this channel. Tune into and have a blast.

So here are the top ten best radio stations of US that you must at once head over to, if you are the biggest rap fan ever born. Reaching every single nook and cranny of this world, you will find all the latest rap chartbusters from the thousands of artists right at your door step. One out of every four musicians have a dream to become a celebrated rapper someday. And we are here to make your lovely little dream come true by providing you the best global US rap radio stations from which you will learn, know and keep yourself updated about a lot of basics that you need to imbibe in your system if you want to be the next Rap God. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and play the choicest rap floor smashers and always be in the energetic and eclectic mood that will not just boost you up physically, mentally and emotionally, but will also motivate you to reach towards your destination steadily yet determinedly.

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