Wayland The Rabbit ukulele Chords by Seals & Crofts

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Wayland The Rabbit ukulele Chords by Seals & Crofts.

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Song Info

  • Song: Wayland The Rabbit
  • Artist: Seals & Crofts
  • Album: I’ll Play for You

Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords:  D#, Ab, Db, Gb, E, B, Bbm, Abm, Bbsus4, Bb5, G, G5, Fm, F7, Bb, Bbsus2, Cm, F, Gm, D#m, G7, C, Fsus4
  • Key: F#
  • Capo: 2nd fret
D#      Ab   Db  Gb  B  E 
Bbm D# Abm
Gb E Db B
Bbsus4 Bb5
G G G G [Verse]
G5 Oh my Wayland, G There's deer in the forests Fm And rivers are flowing just for you. Bbm Gb Oh my father Bbm look down through the

mountains and valleys

F7 The grain's in the silo Bb5 All for you. [Verse]
N.C. Bb One fine morning Bbsus2 As Dad was walking Db Cm F7 Just to see what he could see Bb Bbsus2 Bb He spied Bbsus2 A little white rabbit Db Cm He was frozen as solid as
he could be
Bb Bbsus2 And dad cried Bb Bbsus2 As he knelt down beside him Bb Db And he asked God,
Cm Ab F7
"How could you be so cruel?"
Bb Bb5 And his heart broke, Bb For the little white rabbit [Pre-Chorus]
D# F "But you see that the owl Gm Bb Would never have been so gentle Bb5 And God is so kind." [Chorus]
Bb I love Wayland 'cause he's strong. Ab D# Bb5 And I love him 'cause he's weak. Abm D# D#m D# And the rabbit is runniiing Bbsus2 Bb5 Withiiiiin him. [Break]
G7 G Oh my Wayland, The children are waiting And berries are ripe down
below the hill.
Bbm Bb Oh, my father, Bbm The shadows of nighttime
can't touch you.
Immortal go quickly F7 Be thankful the water is cool. Bb Bb5 Drink your fill. [Verse]
Bb Today as I walked

'long beside him

Db Cm I said, "Dad why do you
C F7
look so sad?"
Bb Bbsus2 Bbsus4 Bb He turned as he stood by the doorway, Db he said, "Things are
Cm Abm F7
not like they used to be."
Bb Bb5 I smiled, Bbsus2 As if I could teach him. Db Cm F7 I said "Dad, it's mercy in disguise. Bb Bbsus2 Once you told me Bbsus2 Bb Of a little white rabbit, [Pre-Chorus]
D# F And you said that the owl Gm Fsus4 Would never have been so gentle F Bb Bb5 And God's been so kind." [Chorus]
Bb And I love you

'cause you're strong.

Ab D# And I love you
'cause you're weak.
Abm D# And the rabbit is running Bb5 Bb Within me.

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