Love Is Gone Chords – Slander & Dylan Matthew

Love Is Gone Guitar Chords easy lesson sung by Slander and Dylan Matthew.

Capo on 1st fret

(Dm)Don’t go (Bb)tonight
Stay here one more (F)time
Remind me what it’s (C)like…
And let’s (Dm)fall in love, (Bb)one more time
(F)need you now, (C)by my side
It (Dm)tears me up, when you (Bb)turn me down
I’m (F)begging please, just (C)stick around (Dm)
I’m sorry, don’t leave me, (Bb)I want you here with me (F)
I know that your love is (C)gone
(Dm)I can’t breathe, I’m so weak, (Bb)I know this isn’t easy
(F)Don’t tell me that your love is (C)gone
(C)That your love is (Dm)gone (Bb) (F) (C)

(Dm)Don’t tell me (Bb)that your love is gone, that your love is (F)gone.
(C)That your love is (Dm)gone (Bb) (F) (C) (Dm) (Bb) (F) (C)

(Dm)I’m sorry, (Bb)don’t leave me, (F)I want you here with me (C)
(Dm)I know that (Bb)your love is (F)gone
(Dm)I can’t breathe, (Bb)I’m so weak, (F)I know this isn’t (Gm)easy… (F) (Bb)
Don’t tell me that your love is (C)gone.
That your love is (Dm)gone. (Bb) (F)
(C)That your love is (Dm)gone.

(Bb)I can’t breathe, I’m so weak, (F)I know this isn’t easy.
(Dm)Don’t tell me (Bb)that your love is (F)gone.
(C)That your love is (F)gone.

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