Empty Head Ukulele Chords by Frankie Cosmos

Hey, Ukulelist in this post you will learn to play Empty Head Ukulele Chords by Frankie Cosmos.

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Chords Info

  • Tunning: Standard(G C E A)
  • Chords:  C/F, C, C/G#, C/G, G, Em, F, C6, Csus4, A
  • Key: C
  • Capo:
C Empty head - it’s cool to

Have nothing in it

C/F It’s ok not to sing a song C/G# C/G About everything all the time C But if I did, I’d fill up

All the server farms

C/F I’d fill up all the iPhone clouds C/G I’d fill up all the hard drives C So I should keep an empty head C Fill myself up with emptiness C/F C/G# And try to just take a breath G Sometimes... [Verse]
C I’m always bursting at the seams Em C I’ll tell you all about my dreams Em F I wish that I could quiet it Em F Accept a little silence G Maybe one day I’ll find it G And I’ll toe the line [Verse]
C C6 I pick you like a coffee cup You thought that
C C6
I could pick you up
F But I don’t even have a car F I’m taking you right where we are C C6 I’m at the bottom of the road C You’re looking like the line
I toed
F You’re at me like an antelope G I’m swaying like a grassy knoll [Verse]
It’s the first time
I spoke today
Csus4 C And that’s why when you heard me say Csus4 F Hello I sounded like a frog F I thought that I could pet the dog A But it just wasn’t up to me A I hid behind the neighbor's tree F But he wouldn’t come out to play F I guess I’ll try another day [Verse]
C C6 It’s all to keep an empty head C It’s cool to have nothing in it F It’s ok not to sing a song G About everything F G All the time

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